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Nice to meet you!

My name is Nathalie Fleury,


I was born and mainly lived in the french part of Switzerland, I have 2 kids, and since more than 30 years I explore all kinds of paths and possibilities beyond what is presented to us as « normal life »...


On my way I found osteopathy, that is still a big part of my life as a job, I practiced aïkido, dancing, chamanism, tantra and thousand other ways of meeting our soul, our body and what connects us together.


In 2017 I discovered Access Consciousness ®️ and it was love at first sight !!! I am so thrilled with these pragmatic, simple and efficient tools that can change really anything in your life ! They are an invitation to get out of autopilot and programming to choose a life and a reality that suits us, what a JOY !!!!


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What is possible beyond right and wrong, beyond fitting in ? What if your difference is your gift and your strongness?


I keep using and being these wonderful tools more and more, I facilitate now several classes of Access Consciousness®️ like the « Access Bars », « Facelift », « Body Processes », « The Foundation », « Talk to the Entities the Beginning » and online events.


I love bodies, I love osteopathy, I love Access and facilitating these wonderful classes, and contribute to people who desire more consciousness, more expansion, more lightness, more joy with their body 😊😊😊😊

What else is possible ?

How can I contribute to you ?
Wanna come along for a ride ?
How can I contribute to the blossoming of your being ?

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