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I have always been looking for more, for something different, and in 2017 I came across Access Consciousness®, and had my first bars class. I loved it so much immediately, it was so different, didn’t really made any sense and yet the energy of it was like a huge amount of fresh air: something else is possible on this planet! Weird and not serious and light and joyful!!!


Since then I have been attending a lot of Access Classes, I am an Access Certified Facilitator since 2019, and a Maestro, and a TTTE CF since 2020, and an approved translator since 2021. I am so grateful for Access® and the tools, so simple, pragmatic and efficient! It’s such a joy for me to facilitate classes and sessions, do body processes and play with the symphony energy daily.


There’s nothing like Access Consciousness®, it’s so unique. It’s such a relief to get out of the tiny tiny box we call this reality!!! And it was such a relief for me to give me permission to be the difference I be instead of making myself continuously wrong and trying so hard to fit in, that was a huge gift that Access was for me:

Access Consciousness


What if your wrongness is your strongness and your gift to the world?



What if we don’t have to choose between A and B, what if there are millions of other possibilities and choices available? What if we could make a choice, follow a path that no one else has chosen before? Each and every one of us is unique and this uniqueness is the gift. We have the possibility to create a life that is really fun and works for us. And it’s ok if other people don’t understand it, if they judge it.


The Access Tools invite us to go beyond polarity, beyond judgement, and to follow our knowing. What else is possible with the Access tools?

What else is possible on this planet, in this universe?

My favourite tools with bodies?

  • Of course I absolutely love body processes and the Symphony of Possibilities sessions, I play with these energies daily.

And questions!!

  • Body, what are you aware of?

  • Who does that belong to?

  • Body show me what’s possible here!



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